Twenty-First Century Democrats is a national group whose goal is to elect progressive, populist Democrats. They will endorse and support between 30-50 candidates this year.

Their second group of ten endorsements includes Deb Lavender, who is running for state rep in Kirwood (district 92).

The Twenty-First Century Democrats website describes the group this way: “Each candidate receives a combination of political support; field organizer(s); online organizer; and/or financial support.” But the site stresses the field organizers:

The bulk of our resources will be spent hiring and training field organizers during the next cycle. Organizers will be assigned to persuade, identify and turnout voters in the campaigns of candidates we endorse and in party turnout programs. Our organizers write effective field plans, implement canvass and phone contact programs and recruit volunteers.

Deb is thrilled to be getting their endorsement and their help. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.