Jane Von Kaenel, a Kirkwood resident, compiled these memorials and asked me to post them:

   Connie Karr

   City Council Member

   Visitation, 4-8 PM, Tuesday, Bopp Chapel, 10610 Manchester Road , Kirkwood .

    Funeral   Visitation , 10 a.m. Wednesday, St. Gerard Majella Catholic Church,

   1969 Dougherty Ferry Road, Kirkwood


In Praise of Connie Conroy Karr

       “And if you knew Connie Conroy Karr as we knew Connie Conroy Karr, you know she never would have allowed anyone with a legitimate beef to go voiceless.

       Connie – terrific, unstoppable Constance – was the city councilwoman who was killed Thursday night. She was a member the Post-Dispatch editorial department’s Community Advisory Board, but long before that she was a friend, a dynamo whose energy left you breathless. Like Nancy Miller, she would go out of her way to help someone in need. Losing these two women to random violence in the same week is a profound personal shock.]

       –Evil comes home

         St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Editorial, February 10, 2008

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       “A great mother,” remembered Hummel, who had married Connie Conroy in 1988 and remained on good terms with her after their divorce.

       Connie was a journalist herself. She worked in the Quad Cities and then in St. Louis as a reporter at the Globe-Democrat, later going into public relations work after that paper ceased to exist.

       Her personality was suited to those professions as well as to politics. Friends and colleagues in the wake of Thursday’s tragedy spoke of Connie’s vivacity, her effervescent nature and love of life. One blogged about going to concerts with her: Prince one night, Emmylou Harris another.

       –Missouri tragedy hits close to home

          Chicago Tribune, February 10, 2008

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       “Cities need more Connie Karrs. She was an ordinary citizen who wanted the best for her city. She wanted elected officials to follow the rules and to be responsive to residents,   the perfect formula for representation and leadership.”

       —St. Louis Suburban Journals, February 2008