Jill Schupp is the Dem hoping to hold onto Same Page’s House of Representatives seat in St. Louis County for our side this  year. Her campaign kickoff Thursday night was well attended, and the number of officeholders in attendance struck me as a clue about how serious Dems are about hanging onto that seat.

There were a couple of school board members, a mayor, County Council members Mike O’Mara and Barbara Fraser, and four Democratic candidates for office (Andria Simckes, running for State Treasurer, Deb Lavender, running for state rep in Kirkwood, Stacey Newman, running for Margaret Donnelly’s house seat, and Byron DeLear, running for Akin’s congressional seat).

A hefty contingent of Jeff City types also showed up:

Joan Bray, state senator

And the following representatives:

Sam Page (Of course, he would attend.)

Jeff Roorda

Robin Wright Jones

Jake Zimmerman

Clint Zweifel

My apologies to anyone I may have missed.