And it is time to begin phoning Senator McCaskill again–maybe if she hears from enough people, she will stand up for the Constitution and for the people who worked to get her elected!  If  you want an update on the issues before you phone, this Emptywheel  post offers an excellent outline, while pointing out the clear White House involvement in the Republican obstructionism we are seeing.  Dailykos‘ McJoan underlines as particularly important Feingold’s three crucial amendments, in addition to the telecom immunity provisions that have been getting  most of the attention:

…the opposition to any and all amnesty amendments is a give, but particularly telling is the administration’s focus on Feingold’s amendments that limit the way the government uses this “foreign surveillance” to spy on Americans. None of these amendments (S 3979, S 3913, S3915) would restrict collection of data of foreign persons–they each protect the privacy of people in the U.S.

So if you phone, stress the importance of telecom immunity (Dodd-Feingold amendment 3907), but also make sure that McCaskill knows how important Feingold’s amendments are to you ((S 3979, S 3913, S 3915).

If you agree with me that the Whitehouse-Specter amendment (S 3927), which shifts culpability from the telcoms to the government, i.e. you and me, my fellow tax-payer, is unacceptable under any conditions, be sure that you also let McCasill’s staff people know as emphatically as you can.

And finally, if you are in the mood to deliver a futile, but perhaps emotionally satisfying harrangue, phone our beloved Senator Bond and let him know just what you think of his willingness, in his role as Vice-Chair of the Intelligence Committee,  to actively put forward legislation that tramples on our constitutional right to privacy–let him know that fear-mongering is completely passe–so last-year–and that he will have to come up with something new in his fervor to toe the Bush line.

Find phone numbers below:

Washington D.C:

(202) 224-6154

FAX (202) 228-6326

Cape Girardeau

Phone 573-651-0964

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Kansas City

Phone 816-421-1639

Fax 816-421-2562


Phone 417-868-8745

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St. Louis


Fax: 314-361-8649