If you’re interested in helping MEDAC collect signatures for a constitutional amendment banning eminent domain as it is now being (mis)used, join people collecting signatures on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

On monday 1-21,  a MLKing celebration, civic ceremony, begins 10:00 at 4th and Market.  About 11:00 some people march from that ceremony to Powell Symphony Hall on Grand Ave, across from the Fox theater.  About 12:30 there is an interfaith service at Powell Hall.  Many people come early and directly to Powell Hall.  I think we can collect signatures inside Powell Hall.   I will be there by 11:00 with extra petitions, buttons, shirts, pens.  Come about 11:00 if you need materials and instructions.  Came about 11:30 if you are already equiped and familiar with the process.  We can stay for the service and collect signatures after the service.  

Any questions, leave message at 771-3509 and I will return your call before 10:00 on Monday.  

Jim Roos