You know a campaign is going down the tubes when the resident political stenographer at the Kansas City Star devotes a portion of his column to the candidate’s whining.

What, you gave Jeff Roe your system password so he could type his republican press releases directly into your column?

You’ve got to love this:

….Here’s a political switcheroo that may set records for brazenness.

The Democrat running for the 31st District Missouri Senate…Chris Benjamin spent months advising and drumming up strategy for state Rep. David Pearce, a Republican candidate in that race.

Benjamin “was intimately involved with the campaign,” Pearce told me.

…Benjamin announced that he was switching parties…and that he was running against Pearce for the state Senate.

“Shocking,” Pearce said.

Benjamin…”I gave him some advice.”

All this has given Pearce a ready-made campaign issue in a swing district. It also has given Pearce the “need to have a new playbook right now.”

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I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that political people were giving other political people advice.

This whining thing is not new to David Pearce, advocate of automotive deer hunting, who can’t keep his talking points straight:


January 14, 2008

“…This kind of party switch doesn’t happen presto-chango…” or “…had an epiphany right before it was time to announce for an office.” Which is it? It can’t be both (incident[al]ly, the “right before…time to announce for office” is immediately before filing, which starts at the end of February). Well, Mr. Pearce, does Mr. Fisher think the voters in the 31st Senate District are idiots, or do you?

Way to instill confidence in the republican base.

Heh. The stenographer reports that the switch “…set records for brazenness…” Heh. All politics is brazen, and pragmatic. Did it ever cross the stenographer’s mind to ask why a sitting state representative appears so clueless about running a campaign? Maybe it’s because he’s always had to have someone do everything for him in the past. What does that tell you? It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, eh? Heh.

Maybe somebody is trying to tell David Pearce something.

Priceless. “…All this has given Pearce a ready-made campaign issue in a swing district…” As if the voters care about this stuff. If that’s Pearce’s issue he’s going to lose big. When voters are worried about the economy, health care, Iraq, and a whole host of other bread and butter issues they’re not going to be concerned about David Pearce’s hand wringing and helplessness, unless it’s to vote for someone else because of it. Brilliant strategery.

And there’s this, from Captain Obvious: “…It also has given Pearce the ‘need to have a new playbook right now.’….” Running a political campaign ain’t exactly rocket science. Anyone who has put together a campaign plan a year and a half out from an election knows that most of the details go out the window. It’s not a state secret.

Then there’s the fundraising arm….

$25,000.00 in loans and $23,735.00 raised in the fourth quarter for an open senate race?

From the Missouri Ethics Commission:

Detailed Summary of Expenditures And Contributions Made

Committe[e]: PEARCE 08

Report[ ]Date: 10/15/2007

The McKellar Group 523 Grand Blvd, Suite 1D Kansas City, MO  8/13/2007 Fundraising $2,500.00

Detailed Summary of Expenditures And Contributions Made

Committe: PEARCE 08

ReportDate: 7/12/2007

The McKellar Group 523 Grand Blvd., Suite 1 D Kansas City, MO 05/31/2007 fundraising $2,500.00

McKellar Group, Inc.

Annie Presley’s background covers nearly 30 years of state and federal politics. A life-long Missourian, Annie’s political strength runs deep between Kansas City, Jefferson City and Washington DC. Her extensive campaign experience includes serving as National Deputy Finance Director for the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign, Deputy Finance Director of the 2000 Inaugural Team and most recently was Vice-Chair of Missouri’s Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election team. Annie also served as Finance Director for Kit Bond’s Senatorial re-election campaign in 1992, and she continues to assist candidates with fundraising….

Clay Johnston, Account Manager, brings 10 years of experience in marketing, public relations and account management to the McKellar Group. A life-long Missourian, Clay specializes in developing and implementing successful communication plans across media platforms. Clay has written and produced award-winning campaigns for a variety of local and regional firms. He is a self-proclaimed political enthusiast, volunteering for a variety of campaigns in Buchanan and Platte Counties in Missouri….

Maybe he should ask for his money back.

Heh. No confidence. It’d be fun to watch a republican primary in this district. The powers that be could put up one of their right wingnuts waiting in the bull pen – David Pearce would have to show his true colors and run to the right.