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John Edwards will be speaking at the Carpenters Hall in St. Louis on Saturday morning, and I’m pretty jazzed up about that. I’ve seen him fielding tough questions in smaller rooms, like at the YearlyKos breakout session, which is honestly the ideal way to see a candidate. But I haven’t seen him give a longer stump speech in person yet, and at this stage, he’s firing on all cylinders. So if you’re in the neighborhood of St. Louis, you should check him out. Doors open at 8 AM.

The other exciting John Edwards-related event happening this weekend is a virtual one not even initiated or coordinated by the campaign. A Daily Kos diarist, KingOneEye, came up with the wildly ambitious goal of raising $7 million dollars for Edwards in a day (otherwise known as a $7 million moneybomb.) With a fundraising policy that precludes him from taking money from PACs and lobbyists, and campaign rhetoric that’s sure to turn off the industry donors, it’s up to the grassroots to raise the money. Not to mention the publicity for a candidate who lacks media coverage, $7 million would be a huge haul and a shot in the arm. I have no idea whether John Edwards fans can attain this goal, but I’m going to do my part and chip in $50.

If you support John Edwards and his fight for the middle class, put in $25 dollars, at least. Your contribution will be matched by public financing up to $250, effectively doubling it.

Donate today!

UPDATE: More from the guy who proposed the moneybomb in the first place.