Well, it is nice to see that Hillary has (finally) opened an office in Kansas City. Looks like I may have been remiss in not reporting more on Senator Obama’s campaign activities in Missouri. As it happens, Obama has had offices in Kansas City and St Louis since October. There are now field staff for Congressional Districts (9th District coordinator is Chris Zaliensky)as well as a State Director (Mike Dorsey) and two (Eastern and Western) Regional Directors. Look for Obama personal appearances in rallies and Town Halls in Missouri after the S Carolina Primary.

The Obama campaign, was recently boosted in Missouri by Claire McCaskill’s enthusiastic endorsement. Claire joins Jeff Smith, Lacey Clay, Russ Carnahan and Susan Montee, among others, in supporting the Senator from Illinois. Canvassing and phone banking operations for Obama are starting this week, tho grassroots actions such as the “Walk for Change” have been ongoing since last Spring.

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Those interested in helping out can find info under “Events” at the Obama website. Here is an example:


Just enter your zip code, and all the events in your area will appear.

Here is the Missouri Obama website:


I have been unable to find an equivalent Missouri Website at the Edwards Campaign, but Dennis Kucinich has a Missouri page:


No upcoming events listed there, and no Missouri headquarters, however.

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