Chris Benjamin, an announced Democratic Party candidate in the 31st Senate District open seat race, has finally come into criticism from David Pearce, the announced republican candidate. The problem for David Pearce is that his criticism doesn’t quite match a previous statement from another republican legislator in the district. Pearce, an advocate for automotive deer hunting, can’t quite get his talking points straight.

Barney Fisher (r-125) was quoted in the Nevada Daily Mail (Vernon County – in the 31st District):

Benjamin announces bid for State Senate

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

By Justin Messner – Nevada Daily Mail

…State Rep. Barney Fisher, R-District 125, accompanied Pearce on early visits to the area, lending his apparent support to Pearce’s campaign, and echoed Pearce’s surprise and “disappointment” at Benjamin’s party switch.

“My disappointment is borne out of my belief in concepts such as loyalty, trustworthiness and integrity. In the approximate five years that Mr. Benjamin was employed by the House Republican Campaign Committee and the Missouri House of Representatives Majority Staff, he was considered trustworthy. However, Mr. Benjamin violated the trust confidence and loyalty from his employers. This kind of party switch doesn’t happen presto-chango. Rather, Mr. Benjamin’s switch required deliberate, conscious thought over time, during which he continued to pretend he was something he was not and be paid for his charade,” Fisher said….

[emphasis added]

David Pearce (r-121), on the other hand, contradicts Barney Fisher’s take on the timing of Chris Benjamin’s announced party switch:

Republican Advisor Switch Shocks Party

Sunday, January 13, 2008, 10:00 PM

By Brent Martin

…Pearce rejects any suggestion that the switch of the two Republicans sends a message to the party. He sees both as done for political expediency.

As Pearce puts it, “They both had an epiphany right before it was time to announce for an office.”

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“…This kind of party switch doesn’t happen presto-chango…” or “…had an epiphany right before it was time to announce for an office.” Which is it? It can’t be both (incidently, the “right before…time to announce for office” is immediately before filing, which starts at the end of February). Well, Mr. Pearce, does Mr. Fisher think the voters in the 31st Senate District are idiots, or do you?

It would appear that David Pearce is also a tad bit upset that his “volunteer campaign manager” is running against him.

You’d think he’d get the message…