Gee, it doesn’t take much to upset republicans. Leave their party and they just won’t let it go, sort of.

The Speaker of the Missouri House, Rod Jetton (r), supposedly sent an e-mail [via PubDef from MOPNS]:

….Even if Chris was frustrated at times with the party I find it so difficult to believe he would choose to join the ranks of extreme liberals whose policies we have fought, and beaten with Chris’s help….

…I can’t explain my disappointment, shock, and confusion over this news and have even talked to Chris personally to try and convince him not to run, but haven’t been successful…

“…join the ranks of extreme liberals…” Translation: The contents of this e-mail are not directed at the general public, but are for internal mulling…

Benjamin announces bid for State Senate

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

By Justin Messner – Nevada Daily Mail

…State Rep. Barney Fisher, R-District 125, accompanied Pearce on early visits to the area, lending his apparent support to Pearce’s campaign, and echoed Pearce’s surprise and “disappointment” at Benjamin’s party switch.

“My disappointment is borne out of my belief in concepts such as loyalty, trustworthiness and integrity. In the approximate five years that Mr. Benjamin was employed by the House Republican Campaign Committee and the Missouri House of Representatives Majority Staff, he was considered trustworthy. However, Mr. Benjamin violated the trust confidence and loyalty from his employers. This kind of party switch doesn’t happen presto-chango. Rather, Mr. Benjamin’s switch required deliberate, conscious thought over time, during which he continued to pretend he was something he was not and be paid for his charade,” Fisher said….

Rough translation: We want our automatons to be devoid of any of that thought stuff. Soul searching is a no-no. Expressing empathy is strictly forbidden.

“…he continued to pretend he was something he was not and be paid for his charade…” Is it just me, or did he just make an argument that most of the republican caucus in the Missouri General Assembly should not get paid?

State Senate Watch: The Fighting 31st

The comments are a might testy, don’t you think? I don’t think all of them are republicans, though.

skippy, master of blogtopia (yes, we know, skippy coined the phrase!), linked to the story and included my observation: “if this keeps up there won’t be any republicans left in missouri…”