Harry Reid is a pathetic imitation of a vibrant political leader and must allow someone else to be the face of Democrats in the Senate.  The Republicans and their toadies in the press are licking their lips after devouring the Dems in their year-end orgy of show downs.  The stage is being set for an all-out attack on the “staying power,” “strength,”  and “ability to protect America”  media campaign during the upcoming presidential election.  We thought there was no way they could smear John Kerry, a decorated war hero with 20 years of public service.  Imagine what they’ll do to Obama, Clinton or Edwards.

We are being set up AGAIN.  And Harry Reid is the poster boy for Democratic weakness and indecisiveness.  Voters are not going to bother with the fine points about 60 votes needed to override a veto.  And Reid is not going to force the Republicans to filibuster and shut down the government.

So we’ll have another year of Republicans bullying us, of Harry Reid standing before reporters looking lost and confused, mumbling and staring at the floor.  I’m sorry, but the man is an embarrassment to his high school speech teacher.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?  CALL OR FAX THE DEMOCRATIC SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE AND TELL THEM “NOT ONE MORE DIME UNTIL REID IS REPLACED AS SPOKESMAN.”   Even if you’ve never written a check to the DSCC, call or fax them and tell them you’re one angry activist Democrat sick and tired of being portrayed as pathetically weak in the press.  Phone number is (202) 224-2447.  If you fax, put it to the attention of Tom Lopach, Finance Director, at (202) 969-0354.

When you’ve done your part, pass this on to everyone you know who wants an end to the Bush/Cheney reign of terror.