Well, according to Media Matters Jamison Foser questions on the importance of presidential and constitutional power have been, uh, lacking? to say the least.

Out of 1500 questions over 17 debates – not one on FISA, none on CIA renditions. None on “Habeas corpus”; none on the liability of the telecommunication companies and their allowing government access to our phone calls since before 9/11.

Yet, they had time to ask what jewerly did Hillary prefer? Diamonds or pearls? They had time to ask one candidate if he really did see a UFO (Tim Russert to Dennis Kucinich). Brian Williams had time to ask them all what they would wear for Halloween! And one cute and perky so-called news anchor (Katie Couric) had the most intriguing question that I am sure all Americans were waiting with baited breath to hear answered: Would you vote for a candidate who cheated on their spouse?

But my personal favorite? The MSBNC GOP debate back in May:

Who does not believe in Evolution? Of course, Huckabee nearly broke his arm trying to be first up! McCain looked embarrassed and came back and added – ‘I see the hand of God when I hike the Grand Canyon…”

So what does this tell us? That the people running the debates are idiots! And that I hope the American people realize that and start turning them off and do their own research.

Interesting thing. I was doing a search on my library media data base and I noticed something strange.

Edwards made on August 23 slamming “corporate democrats.” Saying if things don’t change – it really doesn’t matter who is in office if they are taking money from the same lobby cesspoool.

Well, since then, he has had 36 stories in the news. HRC? 120; Obama? 59. I wont’ even mention the other candidates because they are all in the single digits!

Coincidence? Hum???? Can you say ‘H-o-w-a-r-d D-e-a-n’??

The media shouldn’t be allowed to censor candidates – no matter who they are! It’s time for the American people to take back the media.

The Kween