I don’t know, folks. I am ready to throw every poll out the window. The last poll I saw (don’t ask me where I can’t remember) showed Edwards beating every R when compared to every Dem. (See the CNN Poll)

Will Clinton be Kerry? Will we vote for the one ‘we think may win’ instead of the one who has the best policies? Are we ever gonna do the right thing instead of the most expedient?

Edwards has been consistent in his stands. I just have one of those stones in my tummy when I think of HIllary winning. Deju all over again- and sorry – I DO remember the 90s with Bill. I remember NAFTA, I remember downsizing and outsourcing beginning under Bill. (E.g. Clinton NAFTA Address) I remember the co-opting of the Republican issues – welfare to work (love that frame!), abortion (safe, legal and rare), Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.)

I dont’ want another 4 years of Republican lite. I want an actual- you know- democrat, with ‘D” and values like equality and justice and fairness. I want a dem who understands that no every one was born with a savings account and a college education waiting for them.

The debates haven’t been enlightening – they’ve been predictable, with the reporters asking mostly canned questions – don’t go too deep (there is no time, but there is this thing called ‘print’ – newspapers?) How many more times will we hear a moderator say “Raise your hand if you …?”

The agencies that are supposed to protect us have failed. We are slowly being poisoned from our food, toys, waterways and medicine (for example, look atMissouri watersheds level of concern on atrazine) because those agencies are run by the industries they are supposed to oversee! How will the candidates address that?

I just don’t want to see any more polls. I just want to vote for who I think will be the best president – NOT take side bets on odds they may or maybe beat so and so.