[from the SLS Watch]

by Susan Turk

[note: 801 N. 11th is the administration building for the entire St. Louis public school district]

Since the appointment of the SAB on June 15th, the Board of Education has continued to meet.  But instead of continuing with the practice of holding their regular monthly meetings in Carr Lane Middle School, they have moved their meetings to a different school each month.  By meeting around the city they have increased their accessibility.

They have chosen to hold a few meetings in 801.  Mostly, these have been working meetings during the day.  After planning to hold a meeting in 801 on Tuesday, December 4,  Board President Peter Downs received the following email on behalf of Rick Sullivan, who does not communicate directly with the Board.

“Peter, your board has continued to meet since June 15th and has done so in

school buildings throughout the district. Your meeting scheduled for

December 4th and all other meetings should continue to be scheduled at

schools throughout the district. Please arrange for a new location and post it…as soon as possible.”

The Board of Education went ahead anyway and did meet in the board members office at 801 N. 11th. Sullivan is doing all that he can to prevent the superintendent and staff from interacting with the elected board.  Fortunately no one attempted to block them from entering the building.