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I don’t hold quite the same view as my colleague Michael on the discussion of candidates on this site. A blog (which is short for weblog – an internet diary) is at its core a place for you to express your own personal viewpoint, your own thoughts and feelings about any topic you want. Since this is a political blog, I expect people who post here to have very strong views on the candidates and on the issues, and as long as they are writing on the site, they might as well express themselves as forcefully and artfully as they can. So if you have a critique of a candidate, you shouldn’t hold back, especially in primary season. If you can’t criticize a candidate during a primary, when can you?

Still, Michael hit on an important point in the discussion that led me to write this post. Too many people whine about the candidates they don’t want rather than talking up the one that they do. Has there been one single pro-Harris or pro-Donnelly diary, for example? And I’ve noticed that comments on candidates are usually reactive, sometimes badmouthing Koster in response to a diary that doesn’t even mention him. Be proactive and write a diary about who you support and why.