Nature abhors a vacuum.

Glenn Greenwald:

….Completely fabricated accusations in order to fuel their war agenda and other political interests are not new for the world of right-wing punditry. It is par for the course. Last year, they lied in a swarm by claiming the Iranian parliament passed a new law requiring Iranian Jews to wear yellow stars. They falsely accused AP of inventing a non-existent source, Jamil Hussein, who existed exactly as AP said. They accused Democrats of ghost-writing the vile Terry Schiavo memo written by Mel Martinez (a false accusation Kurtz, of course, pumped). They repeatedly lied about Bilal Hussein’s photography, falsely claiming that he photographed executions of hostages in Iraq and other insurgent actions. And that’s just a small sample of their chronic fabrications and false claims.

None of those falsehoods was covered in the establishment press in any meaningful way. [emphasis added]…

Media criticism today is almost too easy – it’s a target rich environment. Go, read the whole thing.