As DemFromCT notes on Daily Kos, even though Rudy’s personal life is not our business, it is our business if he is using taxpayer money to finance his trysts.  Sadly, though, most major media outlets have not yet given this scoop much coverage, and the Post-Dispatch is no exception.  What really irks me, though, is that the P-D has a blog called Presidential Buzz which has not said a word about the scandal, and has only posted 2 items in the past week!  Abuse of taxpayer money by a leading presidential candidate is a major story, and it doesn’t take much to write up a paragraph with a couple links in it (trust me).  Why even have a “Presidential Buzz” blog if you’re going to leave out major stories like this???

Update:  I followed Clark’s advice and emailed the Post-Dispatch, and Matt Fernandes (the person behind “Presidential Buzz”) told me that he has been sick and will put the item in the Sunday Presidential Buzz in News Watch, and may update the blog today.  So props to Mr. Fernandes (and to Clark).