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So much for rumors that Robin Wright Jones was holding out on announcing that she is running for Maida Coleman’s state senate seat (district 5) in hopes of getting some concession from Mayor Slay.  

Robin is officially announcing her candidacy today at 10:30.  

That means that two people are definitely in the race, Robin and Rodney Hubbard.  Robin is a progressive straight down the line (as I’ve written here and here.)  Rodney, popular in his district, is taking flack from lots of Democrats for accepting cash from Rex Sinquefield and for supporting pro-voucher legislation (as I wrote about here and here).

Robin has lined up endorsements from state senators Maida Coleman, Joan Bray, and Rita Days.  Representatives endorsing her are Jeanette Mott-Oxford, Juanita Wilson, Pat Yeager and Esther Haywood.

Before Robin even got going good, Rodney had sewed up a big endorsement:  Lacy Clay.

Everybody seems to assume that Representative Tom Villa, a socially conservative Democrat (pro-life, anti-stem cell) will run as a spoiler in that race, but who knows?  He hasn’t said he plans to, and he’s likely to play it close to the vest, perhaps right up until filing time in February.  

But his possible candidacy isn’t even the only other one to consider.  Representative Connie Johnson is also taking under consideration the possibility of running.  If she does, though, she too is likely to wait until the February filing date to announce her intentions.

If she and Villa both run, that would mean that all four representatives from Maida Coleman’s senate district are running for the seat.

Pictured above:  top left–Wright Jones, top right–Hubbard, bottom left–Villa, bottom right–Johnson