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When it comes to letters to the editor in the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal it seems that exhaustion and the cult of victimhood have settled in.

I have previously written about the commitment announcement of two males and the reactions in letters to the editor in the paper here [original diary], here [part 2], here [part 3], here [part 4], here [part 5], here [part 6], and here [part 7].

One letter to the editor was printed in last Friday’s edition of the paper. One letter was printed in today’s edition of the paper.

The headers for each letter were provided by the paper.

From Friday, November 9th:

Tired Of The Issue

“To all the people that would like to FORCE me and my family to read over and over again about the “commitment”. I am tired of seeing it in the paper…

…I wouldn’t care about what two men want to do with their lives, but quit ramming it down our throats about the paper being “right” to run the announcement…”

There’s an easy solution – don’t read the entire paper. I hear that there’s some really juicy stuff about music pop stars on tabloid cable shows.

By the same token, this letter writer wasn’t too concerned about the people who were writing that the paper was “wrong”.

The letter, taken as a whole, is somewhat hard to decipher. It’s as if all that recent “unpleasantness” is, well, recently unpleasant. Gee, thanks for the update.

From today’s edition:

Looking For Warrensburg Pastors To Speak Up

“Where, oh where, are all the Warrensburg Pastors in this time of dialogue? Where are you when one of your own is being attacked? Why are you tardy in your defense? You know the truth and yet you sit on the sidelines and look from a distance. Are you fearful of losing your flock…?

Where to start?

What might a pastor [hypothetically, of course] be thinking?

Answer to the first question: “Sometimes it’s a sign of mercy and intelligence to not step into a mine field and let the fool who’s blundering around experience the full consequences of his ill thought out actions.”

Answer to the second question: “What do you mean ‘one of your own’? I’m not claiming him.”

Answer to the third question: “What gives you the mistaken impression that I’d defend bigotry and intolerance?”

Answer to the fourth question: “If my flock would desert me for failure to defend bigotry and intolerance I know a place where they can go to feel more comfortable.”

A curious mix of victimhood and a plaintive hope that there’s safety in approval numbers when it comes wearing our narrow minds on our sleeves.

No thanks.