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This has got to be the longest continuous stretch of letters to the editor on any subject that I’ve seen in the seventeen years I’ve lived in the community.

It’s like watching a prize fight where the untalented challenger continues to doggedly walk into the punches of the seasoned champion. You’d expect the former would figure out that it just might be time to take a dive. But, no.

The church strikes back.

I have previously written about the commitment announcement of two males and the reactions in letters to the editor in the paper here [original diary], here [part 2], here [part 3], here [part 4], here [part 5], and here [part 6].

Four more letters to the editor were printed in today’s edition of the paper. Three of the letters in defense of the church and pastor. One letter was in support of the paper.

Excerpts from the November 8th edition follow. The headers for each letter were provided by the paper. The paper’s circulation figures must be going through the roof.

The cult of victimization doesn’t wear well on anybody, least of all bullies and self-righteous fools. “Who, me?” they ask.

Church Does Help Needy

“…As I have read the various letters concerning the same sex union announcements in the paper, one of my concerns has been that some would seek to attack and vilify those with differing viewpoints…”

Like the newspaper? Or the two individuals in the announcement? What did the latter do to anyone?

I wonder if this letter is referring to language like “…This decision indicates a lack of respect for family values and a lack of concern for the unnatural lifestyle…” or maybe “…Your bold decision to promote this lifestyle is a flagrant attack on the traditional family God has instituted for us…” The language in these certainly appear to be calls to confrontation, eh?

Yeah, the cult of the put upon bully as victim doesn’t wear well at all.

In Support of Pastor

Dear Warrensburg and Columbia and New England and Florida, etc…..

I think “etc.” stands for San Francisco. You know, code for “those people”.

Church Does Offer Help

“The topic of homosexuality is a relational issue that all too quickly becomes a charged political issue. The recent same sex engagement announcement photo has set this in motion in our town. My church all of a sudden is labeled bigoted, hateful etc. because individuals voiced disapproval of the engagement announcement…

…I have some background in helping individuals who struggle with same-sex attraction…”

Tell me again who set what “in motion….” “…because individuals voiced disapproval…” Now, that’s an understatement if I’ve ever read one.

I do believe this individual letter writer offered “the cure.”

Stupidity may be inherited, but ignorance is a personal choice.

And, a final letter from the reality based community:

Issue Is An Opportunity

“…Then I got it!

This is about some people’s inability to accept others different from themselves. It is about ignorance, intolerance and hatred. (That’s the obvious part.) More important it is about the urgent need for sensible, tolerant, loving people around the world to stand together and speak out for a different way of thinking. It is about promoting peace and making a better world for all….”


I heard a rumor that the paper is printing every letter it gets on the subject.