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It just keeps getting better.

I have previously written about the commitment announcement of two males and the reactions in letters to the editor in the paper here [original diary], here [part 2], here [part 3], here [part 4], and here [part 5].

The letters policy of the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal, as published periodically in a prominent box on its opinion pages, states in part:

…Letters which appear to be a personal vendetta against an individual or a business cannot be published. Nor can those that are vindictive, sarcastic, derisive or libelous…

That doesn’t leave much, does it? Then again, a newspaper can choose what they want to print, policy or no policy.

Four more letters to the editor in support of the publication of the announcement were printed in today’s edition.

Excerpts from the November 7th edition follow. The headers for each letter were provided by the paper.

The first letter:

Stand On Side Of Equality

“…The announcement made in your paper represents love, acceptance, compassion and equality. Anyone who stands against those virtues most surely represents hate. If the chance came for someone to gain understanding so that that they could then make peace with others, why wouldn’t they take that chance…?”

A letter from San Francisco, California:

In Defense Of Diversity

“…It often takes courage to stand up to discrimination, prejudice, and animosity – like which was recently expressed by some readers…

…I am ashamed, troubled, and saddened to read some of the letters you’ve received over this, and as offensive as they are, I believe they also serve a purpose…”

A letter from Columbus, Indiana:

In Line With Values

“…While I don’t feel that the main role of a newspaper is to promote values, I do find that recognizing the lifetime commitment of two people is in line with the traditional family values I learned every Sunday in church in Warrensburg…”

And finally, a letter from a Warrensburg resident:

Tired Of Narrow Minds

“…I am sick and tired of people writing in and saying the community this and the community that…I go to church every Sunday and have since I was very young and the God I was raised to know doesn’t teach us hate and prejudice, so it is hard for me to read articles from so called religious people expressing their hatred and prejudice…Threatening the newspaper, saying you will pull your subscription isn’t gonna get you nowhere, it just shows how immature and ignorant you are…”

It’s been a while since a letter to the editor criticizing the paper for the announcement has appeared. You know, the supportive counteraction of the rest of our community just might have something to do with that.