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Our senior US Senator, Kit Bond, is bending logic into pretzels and whacking strawmen into chaff to defend Bush’s nomination of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General.

“Judge Mukasey does not yet have the necessary security clearance to know the details of highly sensitive anti-terror programs”, noted a release from Bond’s office. “The Democrats’ insistence on asking Mukasey to comment on details he cannot know puts him in an impossible situation – doing so is like asking a judge to give a decision before he has even heard the case,” said Bond.

Yeah, and we also shouldn’t ask a nominee if a premeditated gunshot to the head constitutes murder.

Bond goes on:

“Declaring certain anti-terror techniques illegal – a prerequisite for confirmation by many Senate Democrats — could subject terror-fighters to legal actions and sanctions,” the senior Senator said in a release.

So declaring illegal techniques like torture to be, well, illegal could subject torturers to legal sanction? Oh my!

Really, this is an extension of the GOP “rules” on questioning the Supreme Court nominees. Apparently asking about the legal views of nominees whose entire job will be to offer their interpretations of the law is now verboten. Let’s see how quickly they abandon this way of thinking once a Democrat is in the White House.