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I don’t think this is going to end any time soon.

I have previously written about the commitment announcement of two males and the reactions in letters to the editor in the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal here [original diary], here [part 2], and here [part 3].

It really is true – one should never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. The ability of the Warrensburg paper to control the dialog (as long as they receive content in the form of submitted letters) bodes ill for the direction of public opinion in the views of those who chose to criticize the paper.

Maybe it’s the fact that finally there’s a critical mass of people who decided not to remain silent. That bodes well for everyone.

Today’s edition of the paper printed five letters to the editor – all in support of the paper publishing the announcement.

The Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal does not have an on-line edition. Excerpts from today’s edition follow. The headers for each letter were provided by the paper.

The first letter:

Kudos for Publication

“…your paper has still done the correct thing by having not discriminated against the purchaser based upon sexual orientation or sociological mores. The content itself is not prurient, and therefore equal protection demanded the publication of such an item…”

Another letter:

Not Everyone is Anti-Gay

“…I am motivated by the cowardice of three advertisers to pull their advertising from your newspaper. Please let the people and advertisers in the community know that not everybody is anti-gay/lesbian.”

Another letter, possibly from Columbia, Missouri:

Judgements Admonished

“…I am a happily married (straight) woman in my mid-forties…Your readers and advertisers who have taken offense to your actions should be ashamed of themselves for being so close-minded and judgemental of a lifestyle that is anything but ‘unnatural.’ Love is love and it deserves to be celebrated!”

Another letter, from a Warrensburg resident who has been nationally recognized for community service:

Renew My Subscription

“…I was brought up as a humanist, so I don’t understand this controversy. Human beings come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and I try to get to know them on person by person basis, without bias…

….Hmmm. Happy is good. I hope everybody will try to be happy.

Hold the good thought.  Oh, and renew my subscription please.”

The final letter, from a long time Warrensburg resident:

Fighting Hate, Bigotry

“My great uncle…was editor of the Star-Journal 80 years ago and he was threatened by the voice of ignorance and intolerance.  It was then the resurrected Ku Klux Klan, including a few of the local clergy.

He fought the forces of hate and bigotry then, as I trust the present editor will today…”

The letters say what should be said. And speak well for a view of tolerance in a community.