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I have previously written about the commitment announcement of two males and the reactions in letters to the editor in the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal here and here.

The supreme ironies in today’s Warrensburg paper (wasted on those who are irony impaired): a lead editorial (reprinted from a letter in the Kansas City Star) pleading for less divisiveness and an article on the front page announcing that the News Press & Gazette Co. of St. Joseph has bought the Warrensburg paper from publisher Avis Tucker.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported today that “[t]hree advertisers are pulling their business from a Warrensburg, Mo., newspaper and several readers are threatening to cancel their subscriptions after the publication of a same-sex engagement announcement….” [hat tip to WillyK

The letters to the editor today include two (one lengthy) which chastise the Warrensburg paper and eight which support the paper. Though, one of the letters taking umbrage, while relatively concise, is signed by 14 individuals (that must have been some pearl clutching, hand over mouth gasping, and vaporous committee meeting – my word!).

The first letter in today’s paper comes from the “committee”:

“…I [I guess that’s the “committee” name] would hope to think that our small Mid-western town is not becoming tolerant of such matters…”

Yeah, those small town values, like intolerance, just add so much to the cachet around here.

Another, much lengthier letter:

“…Prior to the 1970s the American Psychological Association defined this as a “deviant” behavior. What changed the APA definition[?] Possibly political correctness, an acceptance of any and all beliefs as being equally valid, and a homosexual movement that has gained acceptance in the media, political arena, and the boards of many major business are the culprits…”

Yep, the “science never makes any decision based on science and global warming is a myth” crowd.

Just for the record, I don’t consider that stupidity and bigotry are equally valid beliefs when compared to reason and tolerance.

Another letter:

“…I’ve noticed from reading the viewpoint of a few others, the Bible is used to defend their position. Perhaps, quotes should be taken from the entire book rather than select parts that can be manipulated to prove a narrow-minded view correct….Who is anyone else to cast stones?”

Another letter – from a friend of the couple:

“…I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to say what they are doing is right or wrong…”

Another letter for tolerance – with a dash of sarcasm:

“…Did I miss something [in the photo]? Were they naked or engaged in some act unsuitable for innocent eyes? The picture must have been dreadful to cause so many people to be disgusted, saddened, disappointed, disturbed and grieved at the Star-Journal’s lack of respect and concern and it’s flagrant, blatant attack on the traditional family…”

I bow down before a great master of snark. We are not worthy.

Another letter – very short and to the point:

“I want to commend you for posting the wedding announcement…It shows great courage and forward thinking.”

Okay, it wasn’t a wedding announcement. It was a commitment announcement.

Another letter – in favor of editorial independence:

“I thank you and support your endeavor to offer an unbiased perspective to the people of Warrensburg. I fully support your recent decision to include the announcement of…[the] commitment ceremony in the paper…”

A letter of support from Maryland [The state, I presume. Knowing Missouri I suppose there could be a town by that name, but I didn’t bother to check.]:

“…I cried when I read this.

…because I finally felt like I was one of the normal people…”

Another letter of support:

“…I wanted to let you know how happy I was to hear the news and how much I support your decision to print the announcement…it’s little things like this that keep pushing our society further and further towards making change…”

Ah, there’s the rub with some folks.

And finally, a brief letter from someone in Columbia [It could be the country, but I’m fairly certain it’s the city in Missouri]:

“Thank you for your paper’s respect for equality and human rights by printing all engagement announcements without discrimination.

Thank you for doing the right thing.”

As for those businesses who pulled their ads from the Warrensburg paper over this? I figure I’ll just frequent the local businesses which continue to advertise in the paper, and avoid those which don’t. Now, if I could only get a letter to the editor into the paper to that effect…