That’s right, time again to jaw and munch with your Progressive/Liberal/Democratic friends!  No agendas!  No talking points!  No speakers!  Nothing but talking, eating and having a couple of hours of fun!

Join us Wednesday November 7th from 11 AM to 1 PM (though you can stay a bit longer if you want and you’re having too much fun).  The place is once again the lovely St. Louis Gast House at 1740 Choteau in St. Louis.  It’s across from AmerenUE.

And please mark your calenders for the December 1st Wednesday.  It will be Wednesday December 5th.  Same time, same place.

Here are the ground rules:

No, absolutely NO agenda, speakers, goals, rabble-rousing, nothing EXCEPT having a great time sharing political war stories and personal tidbits with like-minded fun people who happen to be Democrats, Progressives or something similar. 

Everyone orders separately and off the menu so there is no pre-set menu or amount you have to spend.  We do ask folks to buy something since Maritza and Bill Stock, who own the marvelous German restaurant, are opening it up to us at no extra cost.

Please bring any literature you want to share about your group or upcoming meetings.  While you won’t have time to talk about it (remember this isn’t a meeting; it’s just lunch) you will be able to place them where others can take a handout or flyer home with them.

Please do share this email announcement with everyone and anyone who might be interested. 

Please RSVP to let us get a bit of a count for the Gast House staff.  But if you don’t RSVP, come on anyway!  (We’re all Democrats/Progressives/Liberals here and we know sometimes planning ahead just isn’t our best thing.)

Join us and plan on meeting some fascinating, fun people!