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Originally, Robin Wright Jones had let it be known that in late September she would officially declare her candidacy for the seat in state senate district 5.  That didn’t happen–because of a fall she took while exercising–but she was supposed to do so about October 20th.  That date, too, has passed.

Remember that Wright Jones’ entry into the race would give that district two African American candidates and the likelihood that a white candidate, Tom Villa, would enter as a spoiler.  If Villa or any white candidate were to win, that would give the city of St. Louis white senators in all three of its senate districts.  And that’s just not acceptable to a lot of people.

Dave Drebes at MO Scout (subscription only) has reported a couple of rumors about what might happen to keep Robin out of the race.  About three weeks ago, the rumor was that the mayor might do something to Robin (since Hubbard has more political capital with Slay) to keep her out of the race.  Three days ago, Drebes was reporting a different rumor:  that Robin herself has been putting off the official announcement in hopes of getting something from Slay to stay out of the race.

Of course, Robin could prove that latter rumor to be hogwash simply by announcing.