Fired Up! points out that school choice does not improve educational results–according to a study by a conservative group:

  A study being released today suggests that school choice isn’t a powerful tool for driving educational improvement in Milwaukee Public Schools.

  But more surprising than the conclusion is the organization issuing the study: the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank that has supported school choice for almost two decades, when Milwaukee became the nation’s premier center for trying the idea. The institute is funded in large part by the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, an advocate of school choice.

Milwaukee has had vouchers in place for years, so it’s the logical place to conduct such a study.  The longitudinal data affords facts rather than fantasy-inspired forecasts.

Vouchers don’t help.  Hear that Rex?  Jane Cunningham?  Never mind, they’re not listening, not even to people from their side of the spectrum.