Long ago, in the 1950’s, the Republics decided to do everything they could to wind the election.  They won with Ike and thus began the dismantling of the world that FDR has created.  In some old papers, my Mom found this poem which must have been given out by the Democrats at the time.  For some reason, it seems to have some significance today.



The Republicans’ seed has sprouted and grew
In the simple minds of quite a few,
And a few men have gone plain sour,
And made up their mind to vote for Eisenhower.

They’ve promised a lot and they’ll promise more.
Let’s look and see what they did before.
Twenty years have passed, and yet
Those Hoover days I’ll never forget.

When Hoover was in, I lived on a farm,
A dollar bill looked as long as my arm.
I never saw a ten dollar bill, and
If Ike is elected I doubt I will.

When Hoover was in, things were really tight,
The rabbits were scarce and the fish wouldn’t bite.
The men were too ragged to go anywhere,
And the women wore flour-sack underwear.

Remember, men, when you cast your vote,
If you vote for Ike you’ll cut your throat.
Would you rather have a life of ease,
Or watery gravy and black-eyed peas?

Ever since nineteen hundred and thirty-two
The Republican party has been in a stew.
They’ve called the Democrats nasty names.
But the banks stayed open just the same.

If Ike is elected I’ll move to the farm.
I’ll plant some ‘taters behind the barn,
I’ll steel my neighbors’ roasting ears,
And try to get by for four more years.