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Of all the dumb things…

The Raw Story

…Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama is again facing questions about his patriotism from some conservative blogs — this time for apparently failing to put his hand over his heart during a rendition of the national anthem at an Iowa campaign event….

I was there. I wrote about this over a month ago:

…A singer performed the national anthem with pre-recorded accompaniment. Her rendition was heartfelt and definitely unique. Most people would have had difficulty singing along with her. I noticed that all of the candidates except Obama held their hands over their hearts. Obama held his hands folded in front of him throughout [This is not criticism – the “hand over the heart” looked awkward on the stage – I was standing in the same fashion as Obama]…

Barack Obama stood respectfully for the “Star Spangled Banner” and paid respectful attention to the singer.

Did I somehow miss the memo concerning the orthodoxy of our demeanor during any and all renditions of our national anthem?

Only an idiot would question the patriotism of any individual active in public service. Only the idiot spawn of an idiot would question the patriotism of a United States Senator. Only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would question the patriotism of a presidential candidate.

Now, does anyone around here have any remaining doubts that the right wingnuts will go after the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, no matter who that is?

The act of public service, or serving as a United States Senator, or running for president is inherently patriotic. And each certainly trumps the self righteous pearl clutching mouth covered gasps of the Mighty Wurlitzer and their cable network enablers.

The stupid, it burns.