The thing that bothers me the most about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly and the other black conservatives is not their politics, their seemingly denunciation of their heritage, or their advocacy of wingnut philosophies. No, it is something more perverse in their character. I believe that we all are entitled to our beliefs even if those beliefs do not correspond to the ones I think you should have for your own survival. For example, I believe that poor whites are entitled to believe that the Republicans represent their interests, even though this belief to me is against their better interests. To me a better plan of action would be to join forces with people in the same condition regardless of their race or ethnicity, to develop cooperation to bring about economic change for all.

What bothers me the most about these guys is their tremendous egos. Let me explain, even if they truly believe that it was due to their superior intelligence and hard work that they were able to outsmart over 300 years of racism and white privilege to attain their current positions, what about your brothers? They appear to be saying I have mine and screw everyone else. I am so bad that I was able to overcome these obstacles, why can’t you?

  There are two problems with this scenario. The first is that these men were able to attain what little success they have because of people and policies put into place to help overcome all of those years of racism, slavery, etc. If it were not for affirmative action none of these clowns would have a pot to piss in, so for them to claim otherwise is to fly in the face of reality. To deny this of course feeds their super ego’s and allows them to think that they are somehow superior to other blacks, yet both have benefitted from either affirmative action or racial set-asides.

  The second problem is that let’s assume they were so smart and cunning to have been able to overcome the pitfalls of racism and Jim Crow, so what. Why would you pull up the ladder that many others need to overcome these systemic problems? The history of immigrants in this country is full of stories of them reaching back to help their brothers, it appears that only blacks have a problem with supplying help to those other blacks that need it. This is the same philosophy being played out in our city streets that allows one young black man to kill another. In the hands of these race apologists the number of victims is multiplied by thousands. Rather than lifting up our brothers we continually want to tear them down, if you’re not going to help someone don’t hurt them.

  I understand the mindset of these men I witnessed it in college, it is an attitude of defeat. The person believes that fighting is futile; so they take the attitude if you can’t beat them, then join them. If given the opportunity they would become white completely. They don’t want to be like whites, they actually want to be white. Sometimes this mentality is the product of growing up in a home where the whites are portrayed as superior in thinking, culture, and physically by a parent or mentor of the child. The child grows up believing that all things white are superior to their own racial traits. Many times they marry white women because they believe that white women are more attractive to black women and it allows them to complete their fantasy of pretending to be white or colorless. This of course is not the only reason black men marry white women; I would never attempt to stereotype all inter-racial relationships. I am merely pointing out that this is a by-product for having that mentality.

  One of the things I find tragic about these men is that when confronted by adversity from other blacks or progressive whites they immediately bring out the race card and claim the criticisms are racially based. In the case of Judge Thomas, “a high tech lynching”, here is a man who would deny protection of blacks or any other group from hate crimes talking about a lynching. The irony of these clowns is amazing; they only pull the race card when it fits their case. If I remember correctly Mr. Connerly has gone on record saying he isn’t black. It seems that Judge Thomas could not understand why blacks wanted a “Black” man on the Court, not someone who does not perceive color.

  That is the problem with these people they perpetrate the lie of a colorless society. We don’t want the society to be colorless; we just want the country to be equal for all regardless of their color. Some would say that is what these black conservatives are after, but the difference is that they want to ignore the past 300 years of white privilege and entrench the inequality now in place. I am all for an equal society, but don’t give yourself a giant head start and then want to play fair. No, let’s do some things to level the playing field from the past and then play fair. It kills me when whites or blacks talk about equality as if today is the first day of the world and we are all beginning from scratch. Using their logic it would take centuries for those who have been discriminated against to catch up without any considerations. I’m sorry, but I’d like to jumpstart the process a little quicker.

  How can you give blacks from inferior schools, neighborhoods, and economic conditions the same test as whites from suburban schools and call it fair. We aren’t seeking a hand out, we want a hand up. These race apologists and white wannabes promote equal opportunity as if all things are now equal and have always been equal. By doing so they help to assuage the guilt of their white handlers and give credence to the lie that the greater society’s debt to blacks has been paid in full and now it is up to blacks to “pull themselves up” just like they did. Their egos will not allow them to see the foolishness of their argument. Yes, the sin is pride and God does not like ugly or pride.

Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents… pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.  – Abraham Lincoln

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