Among Missouri legislators, who has more juice in the House?  Ike Skelton or Lacy Clay?  Roy Blunt or Emanuel Cleaver?

Which senator’s got the pull:  Bond’s been there since the Middle Ages, but he’s in the minority party.  McCaskill’s a newbie–in the majority party.

Congress.org has a section called Power Rankings, which takes into account not just years of tenure and majority/minority party status, but committee assignments and just overall ability to get one’s agenda accomplished.

Ike Skelton has the most power of Missouri representatives–no surprise there–with a score of 27.56.  Todd Akin, at the bottom, has a score of 5.90.  Bond has considerably more power than Claire (20.00 to 12.50).

It’s easy to check on other states legislators and see what their score is.  Pelosi’s at 89.80 and Reid has 56.12.  Dodd (with 19.44) has less power than Bond.  Grrr.  Today, I wish there was a way to hack into the power structure and flip Reid’s and Dodd’s relative influence.

Checking the scores on the site is, for political addicts, like eating M&Ms.  When is it time to stop?