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Ever the statesman, Senator Kit Bond is now, in the wake of the failure to override Bush’s SCHIP veto, urging compromise.  He has signed a letter to congressional leaders, urging consensus.

Bond surprised me by voting for the bill in the first place and urging Bush not to veto it:

“SCHIP is a valuable safety net for needy children in families who don’t have the means to purchase affordable health care. Millions of children receive the vital well-child and preventative care, vaccinations, and emergency care they need to grow, learn and thrive thanks to the SCHIP Program. I am proud of my votes to create SCHIP in 1997 and to reauthorize the program today.”

Can this be the Kit Bond we know and love to hate?  Having seen him be such a Republican for his entire career and such a godawful one under Bush, it’s not easy for me to believe he has any good impulses at all.  One part of me interprets his actions in the most cynical light:  he knows what a loser voting no on SCHIP is and knew it from the beginning.  See?  No need to give him any credit for humanitarian concerns. 

But in general he isn’t smart enough to back away from losing policies.  He still supports Bush’s addle pated  policy in Iraq.  So I have to say, that he might be acting on conscience here.  Even if he’s not, at least he’s smarter than Sam Graves, Todd Akin, Roy Blunt and Kenny Hulshof.

Certainly he’d like compromise because it would make Republicans look less like monsters.  But it is possible that he feels uneasy about depriving millions of kids of health care.  Just sayin’.

Still, even if Bond’s concern is genuine, I’ll bet he wouldn’t approve of this snarky video. In it, a comedian impersonates a smug George Bush, in all his malapropistic glory, gloating about the SCHIP veto.