Even after receiving a second chance to support the nation’s uninsured children, Mr. Blunt chose to remain loyal to a President and a party that continues to ignore the health and welfare of our children. The time has come for all Missourians of good conscience to tell Mr. Blunt that if we can spend 500 billion dollars to prevent invisible weapons of mass destruction from being launched, we can certainly spend 35 billion to guarantee the health of our poorest children.

This bill is overwhelmingly supported by all Americans, including many Republicans. The only ones against it are lobbyists, so Mr. Blunt has chosen lobbyists over our children. I think it is time to send Mr. Blunt to join his lobbyist’s friends by giving him an early retirement. We need people in Washington who are going to look out for the poor and working class, not just spout party rhetoric. This Bill was an opportunity to expand basic health care to these needy children who many of whom currently don’t have. Despite all the disinformation put out by the Republicans, many Americans were able to see the value of this Bill and supported it.

  How any elected official can vote for Iraqi appropriations bill after bill with no end in sight and not vote for the kids of America and have a clear conscience is beyond me. This vote Mr. Blunt will not easily be forgotten by Missourians and with the younger Mr. Blunt in Jefferson City also choosing not to support the poor kids of Missouri it seems that your family chooses partisan politics over the welfare of our children.

There are now almost 57,000 Missouri kids who won’t have health insurance thanks to the Blunts. I think that this is reason enough not to re-elect either one of them, our children can no longer afford the luxury of having the Blunts in office. With the rate of the uninsured in Missouri rising higher than the national average, neither can the rest of us afford them.