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There’s only one thing worse in partisan politics than public hand wringing: anonymous public hand wringing. Not by much, though.

Some Democrats fear a Clinton nomination could hurt other party candidates [tiny URL]

….”There’s only one person capable of uniting the Republicans, and that’s Hillary,” said longtime Democratic operative Jim Bergfalk. Unlike the others working their worry beads in the party, he was willing to be quoted by name in this article….

So, what’s the motivation for this public display of angst?

Dave Helling goes on in the same Kansas City Star article:

….But polls suggest Clinton’s margin for error here isn’t large. A recent Survey USA poll, conducted for KCTV in Kansas City, showed Clinton losing Missouri to Rudy Giuliani by three points – the only Democratic front-runner to lose the state to any Republican candidate….

Yes, Dave, let’s talk about Rudy Giuliani in Missouri – as I wrote on MyDD:

…Especially since Rudy Giuliani doesn’t have any family values problems, or “controversial” business associate problems, or hasn’t ever flip-flopped on any major wedge issues important to the republican base….

That’ll all go over really well in Missouri, eh?

And still, we have consultants who talk to reporters who then report what the consultants say (sometimes “anonymously”, sometimes not). A consultocracy as it where.

If you’re really in the know you shouldn’t be telling all to the media, should you? Unless you’ve got an agenda.