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What Kagro X said:

So here’s the key. The domestic spying has always been justified by saying it was a necessary response to 9/11. But clearly there’s damned good reason to believe these programs were conceived and initiated well before the September 11th attacks.

That would mean — gasp! — that your “government” is full of it.

But it’s not just that. If Qwest’s competitors were already abetting this bloodless(?) coup before 9/11, then the “administration’s” domestic spying not only has little if anything to do with response to terrorism, but it also objectively failed to prevent 9/11.

Are you listening, Senator McCaskill?

UPDATE: There’s another option that Kagro X didn’t consider – an allegation that I’m sure right-wing apologists for the administration will be making shortly: Qwest’s refusal to allow warrantless wiretapping caused 9/11.