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I got a call from a Nixon staffer encouraging me to help spread the word about the Nov 3rd Canvass that Jay is doing in coordination with the DNC. I informed him that I was already planning to do the DNC house party/ canvass and welcomed the help that the Nixon campaign was offering. This post would count as part of “spreading the word”.

Howard Dean and the DNC are promoting November 3rd as a “One Year Out” Democratic outreach day to take place all over the country. The Jay Nixon Campaign is teaming up with these events to help him and local Democrats get elected one year from now. Jay’s campaign may be able to supply walk lists for One Year Out canvass efforts in your neck of the Missouri woods.

Here for example, is the event I have set up in Fulton. And…here is the DNC intro page to set up an event wherever you are.


Brandon Costerison is handling arrangements with the Nixon Campaign. Get in touch with Brandon to discuss the possibility of campaign materials for your canvass as well as walk lists:Bcosterison@nixonforgovernor.com. There will be a conference call with Jay at 10:30 on the morning of the canvass… so they are suggesting having people gather at 10:00, and canvass at 12:00, with lunch in there somewhere.

Time to dust off those walkin shoes, folks. This is an example of Gov. Dean’s 50 State Strategy …a face to face winning strategy for Democrats all over the Country!