There’s been some bitter criticism on this site for Claire McCaskill’s vote to censure MoveOn. 

A contributor at the Change for Missouri yahoo discussion site tells us that she has found a way to let Democrats know that they screwed up when they voted to censure MoveOn for its Petraus/BetrayUs ad.  She printed up stickers that she plans to attach to “gimme” letters and then stuff into the return envelopes.  The stickers say:

“I regret to have to tell you that I am a member and contributor to MOVE-ON.ORG.  Consider please your vote to censure that organization. In doing so, you censured me and everyone like me who is a member of what I
consider to be an organization which represents my philosophy and interests and which works to elect Congressional Members who reflect those interests.
So you see, my money is tainted and it would be wrong of you to accept it.

Peggy R. Henderson