Digby and DDay at a Calitics blograiser

  What’s a blograiser, you might ask? A couple of weeks ago, we held a bloggers meetup, with around 30 attendees who stayed for over 3 hours to talk politics and drink beer and generally have a fantastic time. I’ve been wondering – what if we could get a similar turnout, and get each of the attendees to fork over $10 or $20 to contribute to a progressive candidate? Right there, we would have raised $300-$600 AND had a good time doing it. We could double the fun and hold one in Kansas City, too. Or triple it by adding Columbia, or quadruple by also doing Springf… maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. We would also put up a link at the top of the blog for readers who couldn’t make it to the meetup to make a contribution, if they so desired. That right there is what we call a blograiser, a combined online/offline fundraiser for a candidate or cause.

We’ll be putting one together in St. Louis, at the very least, in the next several weeks. We’ve got some ideas for locations to hold the meetup, and we have some candidates in mind we’d like to raise money for, but if you have any ideas of your own, please let us know in the comments section. And KC, Columbia, etc. don’t be shy about getting in on the game!