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The hardest working man in the Missouri blogosphere, Antonio French, is looking for video footage from any St. Louisan who traveled down to the protest in Jena, LA on Thursday:

Post them online (you can use YouTube, Blip.TV, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site) and then send us the link to editor@pubdef.net and we’ll post them here on PubDef.net.

Although he calls only for video from St. Louisans, I don’t think it would hurt to submit your video if you’re from elsewhere in the state.

Speaking of PubDef, Antonio is also fighting local TV station KSDK. KSDK took offense at PubDef’s use a KSDK newscast in one of his many videos (which falls completely under the Fair Use provision, by the way.) Instead of complaining to Antonio and reaching a reasonable settlement, KSDK filed a formal complaint with YouTube and had his entire account of over 500 videos suspended. Of course, KSDK took action immediately after PubDef criticized their coverage. Antonio has filed a countercomplaint.

I know we have some lawyers among our readers here at Show Me Progress. Anyone care to help Antonio out?