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Those poor folks trying to stop the CAFO being built above the Roaring River springs just a mile from the state park line.  They’re fighting city hall the county board and state government at the same time.

They obtained a stay from the Administrative Hearing Commission to stop construction of the chicken CAFO.  That was at the end of July.  Construction continues, and the Department of Natural Resources does nothing to enforce that stay.  Huh?

Then there’s the Barry County Commissioner, John Starchman, who “neglected” to put the names of Mark Stephenson (pictured), one of those requesting the stay, and twelve other people on the agenda.  They were not allowed to speak at that meeting of the county board.  Another meeting was conveniently canceled without notice. 

No wonder Stephenson says:

It’s “who’s bought and paid for,” Stephenson said after recalling how the health department meeting agenda was tabled last May after the department in response to what they labeled an “outburst from the audience,” had phoned the police.

Stephenson also called attention to Ozbun’s contract with George’s Processing, Inc. And who do you think gives legal advice for George’s? Why none other than Matt Blunt’s brother’s law firm, Stephenson replied.

Another way to say it, Mr. Stephenson, is that the barricades you’re facing are made of money.

Thanks to the Joplin Independent for the photo and for their fine article on the stonewall Stephenson and his friends are running into.