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It’s time for another round of the Q & A series we’re holding here for the Missouri AG candidates. The answers to the last round can be found here; Rep. Jeff Harris won the first poll of our readers convincingly.

This week’s question: “What job that you’ve held in the past has best prepared you for the job of Attorney General? Why?”

The rules are below the fold.

We’ll be asking the AG candidates every couple of weeks to respond to a question, and when the deadline is up, we’ll post the answers together in the order we received them. You’ll then be able to cast a vote for the best answer, as well as discuss in comments who you believe had the best answer.

The rules are simple:

1) Answers must be 250 words or less.

2) Answers must be received by noon on Wednesday.

We’ll put up a link to each candidate’s ActBlue page every time they respond according to the rules. Feel free to suggest future questions in comments.