Thinking outside the Beltway Box: Isn’t it about time to retire to the old-time, smoke-filled back room and wrap up this Iraq thing?

Here’s my thought. Dems need a few good Repugs to back them up in the Senate against the Prez because they are too chicken to just block all  the funding bills for the war on their own initiative. How to get the Repugs to come over and help out?

Well, off to the legendary smoke-filled room where deals are made. Invite the Repugs who are wavering about the war, especially those who face a re-election challenge in 2008, and even more especially those from areas where rage against the invasion of illegal aliens is maximal.

A-ha! Now the plan becomes more evident. A clear and straight-forward deal to be made (secretly of course) that the Repugs will trade their “pull out of Iraq” support to the Dems for a Dem promise to back all the “close the border, go after bad employers” bills, but at the same time drop all efforts toward amnesty for illegals and all attempts to increase the number of temporary foreign  workers (such as H-1B, etc.) for now and for the duration of each Senator’s service.

Voila! Two problems solved and the Dems are lookin good for 2008. The soldiers come home and the Dems get some credit for beating G.W. out of his war; plus the border starts closing down faster and the amnesty argument (which is sure to hurt the Dems in 2008) is gone.

But I guess this would be too easy…