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From Pygalgia I hear from that David Brooks is completely out of touch with reality. Really, barely hanging on. He has posted the single dumbest thing that he has ever said, and that’s a tall order. It’s simply jaw-dropping:

DAVID BROOKS, Columnist, New York Times: No, ludicrous. I mean, on one hand, he’s a malevolent guy who killed 3,000 Americans. But you read this thing, and it’s like he’s been sitting around reading lefty blogs, and he’s one of these childish people posting rants at the bottom the page, you know, Noam Chomsky and all this stuff.

  You can’t help read it and not laugh at it, occasionally, because it is just absurd. It’s flying this way, and that way, weird conspiracy theories, and mortgages, global warming. He throws it all in there.

  The one thing that leapt out – and Bruce Hoffman and the others mentioned this – was how Western it is. And a friend of mine, Reuel Gerecht, points out that there’s this argument that Western ideas never permeated into the Arab world, but in fact it’s all – I mean, a lot of the worst ideas from the West have permeated in, and he’s picked up Noam Chomsky, and he’s picked up some of the anti-globalization stuff. And that’s what infuses this.

Well, god-de-flippin-fend us if a liberal so much as hints that we could possibly be terrorizing Iraqis, what with our guns and bombs and illegal wars and the consequent, uh, perpetual terror on the ground there. But that this puke, this sodden man-ditz has the gall to suggest that pissed off Americans (now including many conservatives) peacefully protesting the right’s abdication of reason, responsibility and accountability are anything like the person responsible for 3,000 deaths makes David Brooks a right-wing Ward Churchill. I could barely stomach his appearance on the NewsHour before, but I positively refuse to watch his segment anymore.


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