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Huffington Post has Bill Maher’s latest, and it’s brilliant:

New Rule: For the next 18 months, let Bush be Reagan. A completely dissociative personality who lets the real work of the nation go on elsewhere, while he sits behind his desk and hums. I don’t think the problem is that Bush lives in a bubble. I say make the bubble thicker. Use the armor we can’t get to the troops. For example, on this whole “bomb Iran” thing. Let’s not, and just tell him we did.


Who’s going to tell him the truth? Rove? Gonzales? Rummy? Scooter? Harriet Miers? It’s like a haunted house. The douchebag cupboard is bare.

According to the Times of London, the Air Force has drawn up plans for massive strikes against 1,200 targets in Iran. The plan doesn’t just call for eliminating Iran’s nuclear program, but for taking out its entire military in one blow. Can Bush destroy another country’s whole army? Why not? He did it to ours.

The rest is at HuffPost.

Having lured you in with humor, let me say, seriously, that the rest of the world is aghast at Bush’s threatening posture toward Iran.  The head of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, not having gotten the memo from Maher, still hopes that reasoning with Bush might avail:

Alluding to that U.S. position, ElBaradei warned against rhetoric that is “a reminder of pre-war Iraq” in comments to reporters in Vienna.

  “We have not seen any weaponization of their program, nor have we received any information to that effect – no smoking gun or information from intelligence,” he said. “Based on the evidence, we have, we do not see … a clear and present danger that requires that you go beyond diplomacy.”

ElBaradei might as well try that tack because Maher’s whimsy won’t work.  For one thing, the douchebag cupboard isn’t bare as long as Cheney’s still in office, lusting after Iran’s oil.