When I saw Bushie on TV surrounded by soldiers and touting what a peaceful place Anbar province is, it made me think of the kind of report a fire department might write after a disastrous house fire.

“The main house was a total loss including the guest house and four-stall garage.  The only structure unaffected by the blaze was the tool shed.”

I wish someone in the Democratic party or the media had the intelligence to step back and see the big picture.  The Repugs have us all in a stir over whose report on the war will be released and which of the Iraqi government’s benchmarks have or haven’t been met.

PEOPLE: THE COUNTRY IS A TOTAL LOSS.  WILL SOMEONE PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT?  How can anyone say the Iraqi people are better off today than they were before our invasion?  Don’t we have any media people smart enough to see that?  Bush is directing our attention to the tool shed so we won’t notice the house is gone. AND WE LET HIM !!