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Govs Schwarzenegger of California and Spitzer of New York have issued a joint letter calling on GWB to withdraw the new rules imposed upon the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Program). The rules originated in the *Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (CMS) and were delivered by letter to states earlier in August while legislators were away on break.

The Governors letter states that these new rules will “set Medicaid and state programs back 40 years”.  Other comments contained within the letter include …”the rules proposed by CMS would install thresholds that are impossible to meet for nearly every state. …your  administration has repeatedly modified existing Medicaid and SCHIP rules, harming states’ capacity to help you achieve our shared objectives”.

The Children’s Defense Fund directors of both New York and California applauded the actions of the Governors and issued the following joint statement.

“We applaud Governor Spitzer and Governor Schwarzenegger for standing up to the Bush Administration on this issue and we hope that other governors and elected officials will join them and put our children’s health before politics”.

Any hope for Missouri to jump on this small bandwagon?

*CMS is a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services