Because it is late, I imagine that there is nobody currently here to welcome me to the Show Me Progress site, so I will make things easier and take care of it myself.  So, on behalf of myself, I would like to welcome me to Show Me Progress. 

I saw this site posted over at Crooks and Liars, and I knew that I had to jump on board.  I am a patient but really P.O.ed liberal, and it is heartbreaking to see my home state opt for social conservatism.  And Blunt?  I mean…BLUNT?  Yeah, I almost had a stroke when I heard that Skippy had been elected to President of the State Student Council.

I have done some lobbying in Washington, but my trips were as much a vacation from grad school (I’m a PhD candidate in English at a school in St. Louis) as they were excursions into power politics.  (Actually, it was a big-time meet and greet with the legislative aides.  But it was always fun.)  Completely rewarding, it was, and occasionally speaking like Yoda I am.  (Sigh.)

In the last several years, I have been horrified by the Republicans’ use of the Constitution as a lobster bib.  I am, on a daily basis, freshly incredulous and aghast about public’s apathy toward the war, which I find completely unredeeming in its perverted conception, its cynical implementation, its incompetent execution, and its utter and absolute failure.  There is no good way out.  I believe that Bush is an angry baby, and it is our duty to take the impetuous brat’s toys away from him.  Possibly give him a time out.

You know, I feel about my country in much the same way that I feel about a relative with a drug problem.  I don’t want to enable its problems, but I am eager to perform all reasonable acts of heroism to help it get its act together.  I really do think that America is a great idea, and it has lots of potential.

In recent months, I have been writing to my own blog, which I will not shamelessly plug here.  I have always believed that writing is an excellent way to learn, and as I have waded into the rhetoric of the radical right, I have learned a lot about 1) political organization and 2) what progressives have to lose.

I am…how do I say this…OCD-ish?  It was a big deal for me to get on board and volunteer for a phone campaign on the eve of the 2006 election (I was totally outside of my comfort zone in every conceivable way), but, damn it, it had to be done.  Progressives have to meet fire with fire and get out the damned vote if they expect to affect change.  It was great.  I hated it.  I would totally do it again!  🙂  [I can’t believe that I used a smiley.)  The payoff was great and totally worth it, except that somehow the Congress has managed to not be as committed to ending the war and restoring civil rights as the country clearly commanded, and they are suffering for that.  I can think of nothing more depressing than the Dems not taking the executive branch in ’08.  OK, that’s not completely true–the earth could crash into the sun–but aside from that, there are very few things more distressing.

I’m pleased to see a cadre of local progressives.  It could be just the thing…!