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Federal prosecutor, Catharine Hanaway, has been guilty of unseemly behavior in the Nathan Cooper case.  Like the man she’s pictured with at left, she appears to have misused her position.

Fired Up! points out that Republican representative, Nathan Cooper, who recently pleaded guilty to obtaining visas for illegal immigrants, was actually nailed by the feds back in November of 2005 but not publicly accused until last July.  His situation was kept under wraps for a couple of reasons, but those reasons expired last October.

It made sense to keep his arrest hush-hush until he could buy more visas from his supplier, thus strengthening the government’s case against her.  Fine.  And Cooper was involved in the Blunt fee office arrangement, so the prosecutor could be excused for waiting to reveal Cooper’s status until Bud Cummins had concluded his investigation last fall without bringing charges. 

That’s a nine month gap. 

Meanwhile, Cooper voted in the House for the entire 2007 legislative session and continued to raise money from unwitting contributors.  He distributed lots of that money to other Republicans, but none of it went to Matt Blunt.  Fired Up! wonders if Hanaway warned Blunt to avoid the tainted money.

Fired Up! asks:

Has [Hanaway] been carefully using her law enforcement office to do favors for and ingratiate herself to key Republican power players in return for soft commitments of support in her expected bid for Attorney General?

Seems like a reasonable question.