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MaryB, your question has been answered. We will do without 3 Missouri legislators for another 6 months (longer actually – the elections will still have to be certified.) Ostensibly, this is to save the state money, since February 5th is the next date already scheduled for Missourians to head to the ballot box. But Blunt had no qualms about calling a special session to ram through a bill loaded with special interest giveaways (including his own brother’s client) after vetoing a similar bill a couple of months ago that wasn’t as narrowly tailored to his liking.  Blunt also had no problems calling for a quick special election to replace State Senator Chuck Gross (R-St. Charles.) Gross resigned on May 31st, and the election to replace him will take place on September 4th.

Speaking of special elections, Ed Appelbaum is facing Republican Tom Dempsey in the special election just nine days away to replace Chuck Gross. Appelbaum has committed to stopping the revolving door between St. Charles Republicans and lobbying interests – he has pledged to serve out his full term in office. Please drop him some cash to turn this seat blue.