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ProVote is sponsoring an Iraq War Forum at the Roger Wilson Boone County Government Center, Commission Chambers, in Columbia on August 29th 7:00PM.
Despite being offered the option of choosing his own date and time, Rep. Hulshof’s office says that he is so otherwise booked that he cannot attend such a meeting.
We have heard that a staff member stated: “If Rep. Hulshof wants to have a Town Hall meeting on this subject (Iraq), we will not be partnering with ProVote.”
ProVote, I believe, would be happy to have any meeting by Hulshof on Iraq. When was the last time anyone in the 9th Congressional District saw Kenny Hulshof at any Town Hall meeting? He is our Representative and this is a matter of great importance.
Call Kenny’s office (573 449 5111) to encourage the Congressman to be there on the 29th or hold a Town Hall meeting of his own.